House rules Hotel Alka

Night rest:
From 10:00 p.m., the volume in all rooms must be kept to a minimum. Please also be quiet in the corridors and in the stairwell.

Smoking ban:
Please note the ban on smoking in the rooms, hallways, reception and breakfast room. In the event of a violation, we charge € 50.00 per room for special cleaning

During your stay at the Hotel Alka, we ask you to behave in an environmentally friendly manner, especially when using water and electricity. For safety reasons, it is not allowed to lean out of the windows. The windows may only be opened for ventilation. The window sill may not be used as a seat and nothing may be thrown out of the window! Please do not throw sanitary towels, tampons or other objects into the toilets!

Receiving visitors in the guest rooms is not permitted. You are welcome to receive visitors in the breakfast room during our breakfast hours.

Damage, pollution:
In the event of damage to or soiling of the building or inventory, the damage incurred must be reimbursed by the person who caused it. Compensation payments are to be made immediately and in cash. In the case of groups, accompanying persons, if necessary on behalf of the organizer, have to make advance payments. Theft and other damage to property will be reported immediately. In the event of a breach of one or more of the above-mentioned regulations, the Hotel Alka is entitled to terminate the accommodation contract without notice at any time. The guest’s obligation to pay for the booked nights remains. Should you have a minor mishap, i.e. damage your room, please contact us. Damage that is only discovered by us after departure is considered property damage and we proceed accordingly. We will invoice the person responsible for the damage incurred. In our house, guests are not permitted to use electrical appliances they have brought with them, with the exception of hairdryers and electric shavers. This applies in particular to kettles, immersion heaters, hotplates, irons and so on.

Bringing pets is not permitted in our Hotel Alka.

Valuables / luggage:
We would like to point out that we cannot accept any liability for luggage or valuables. The safe in the reception can be used on request, but without guarantee. The Hotel Alka expressly assumes no liability for the loss of valuables (especially jewelry and cash).

Termination by the hotel:
The Hotel Alka is entitled to terminate accommodation contracts (even after occupancy of the room (s)) with immediate effect and, in exercising house rights, to expel the guest / guest group from the house if the guest / guest group is due to the reputation, security or reputation of the hotel, is suspected of committing criminal offenses or harasses, repeatedly disturbs or endangers other guests, residents or neighbors. In particular, repeated violations by the guest / guest group of the rules of the house rules, as well as damage, soiling or the theft of hotel property entitle the hotel to immediate termination.