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Bietigheim-Bissingen - more than 1,200 years of history

Sights & Tourism

The more than 1,200-year-old town of Bietigheim-Bissingen (population approx. 41,000) with its districts of Bietigheim, Bissingen, Metterzimmern and Untermberg, lies at the confluence of the Enz and Metter rivers in the hilly landscape of the middle Neckar valley, not far from where the Enz flows into the Neckar and just 24 km north of the state capital Stuttgart.

The historic town centre of Bietigheim with its predominantly medieval character, which has grown over the centuries, blends into the surrounding landscape of rolling hills, forests and vineyards like a natural product of this landscape.

Getting to know Bietigheim’s listed historic town centre and its history, including other buildings worth seeing in the town districts, is made easier by the brochure “Historic Town Walks”, which is available from the town information office on the market square (Tel. 07142 / 7 42 27).

You pass the town hall built in 1507 with its pointed-helmeted oriel and art clock, the Hornmoldhaus (Vogthaus from 1536) with summer house and summer parlour, which with its splendid interior paintings and magnificent ornamental half-timbering is one of the most important Renaissance buildings in southern Germany, and the Lateinschule (Latin school), which together with the two aforementioned buildings is an ensemble that characterises the townscape.

Charming location & historic townscape in the centre

You pass the town hall, built in 1507, with its pointed-helmeted oriel and artistic clock, the Hornmoldhaus (reeve’s house from 1536) with summer house and summer parlour, which with its splendid interior paintings and magnificent ornamental half-timbering is one of the most important Renaissance buildings in southern Germany, and the Latin School, which together with the two aforementioned buildings forms an ensemble that is characteristic of the townscape.

Churches & places of worship in Bietigheim im Enztal

The path continues to the New Castle, the town church, the wine press and the Lower Gate, the only remaining entrance to the former town.
Over the partially accessible city wall, which at the same time opens up a magnificent view of the city’s landmark, the Enz viaduct built in 1835, you reach the Japangarten.
Other sights, romantic corners, dreamy alleys, fortified towers and other historical monuments await you, offering attractive motifs for the eye and the camera and inviting you to linger.
Particularly recommended are the cemetery church of St. Peter (1390) outside the old town on a hill, the Kilian church in the Bissingen district dating from 1520 with its frescoes uncovered in 1960, and the ruins of the Alt-Sachsenheim castle (“Eisenburg”) dominating the Untermberg district.

Sculptures & Buildings in the Old Town

Despite its strong roots in history, Bietigheim-Bissingen is by no means stuck in the Middle Ages.
Rather, it has succeeded in harmonising modern life, contemporary needs and progressive ideas with the old, evolved building fabric.
In the historic town centre of Bietigheim, but also in the other parts of the town, sculptures are part of the familiar townscape.
Works by important sculptors with the names “Schwätzweiber, Flößer, Ku(h)riosum, Turm der grauen Pferde” arouse curiosity.
They and many other works are presented in the sculpture guide and compiled into a “sculpture tour” (city information, telephone 07142 / 7 42 27).

Eat, drink, shop, live…

An efficient gastronomy with eateries, cafés, wine taverns and bistros invites you to linger and enjoy.
A large number of parking spaces as well as car parks directly on the edge of the historic city centre, but also a dense network of city bus lines make it easy to reach the city centre.
Approximately 22,000 jobs in small, medium and large enterprises are the basis of the city’s economic strength. The city has a high residential and recreational value, also thanks to its above-average infrastructure.
Bietigheim-Bissingen is well provided for with schools, social facilities and other important institutions for all age groups. Green spaces and trees extend right into the city centre.

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